USMLE Registration

This USMLE information section is mainly for the benefit of foreign medical graduates who are wondering what to do first to get the USMLE process started.

Here is some information about the registration process, this is primarily for the benefit of FMGs, who often do not have a clear idea as to where to start.

First and foremost, go to this website and get your ECFMG number.
Click the link at the bottom of the page that says 'Establish an Account'. To do this, you need a working permanent email address, and you need to have a government issued (any government) photo identification. When you are filling up the online forms, make sure that your name exactly matches what is in your passport.

You will receive by email an ECFMG number (this will take about a week). Now go back to the ECFMG website and login  using your identification number and password. In case you have lost your password, call ECFG at 1-215-386-5900 to get a new password.

Once you have your ECFMG identification number and password, log into the IWA part of the ECFMG site and access the 'APPLICATION FOR ECFMG CERTIFICATION'. Once this is completed and processed, you are ready to file an application for the USMLE examination itself, follow the instructions you will receive at this point.

The USMLE examination application form includes a 'certification of identification form', which needs to be sealed and stamped by the authorized person at your medical school after you fill it out. This form must be "mailed directly" from your medical school to the ECFMG. If you are at an oversease medical school, the office there may not be inclined to entertain the ECFMG's whims and fancies, so you will need to personally go to your school office and beg or persuade them to mail out this little document, and you will probably need to hand-carry the sealed envelope to the post office and mail it yourself in case the little office clerk at your medical school is too unmotivated, as will be the case in many foreign medical schools.

Last but not the least you need an American credit or debit card or a foreign  credit or debit card that allows international transactions, and you need to have a truckload of money in your account if you are serious about pursuing this beast called the USMLE.

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